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    Egypt has one of the oldest civilizations in the world. The most famous historical monuments are the pyramids and temples around Luxor along the Nile. The hectic Cairo is the largest city of the African continent. Here you will find traces of the ancient Egyptian civilization, the Greek and Roman antiquity, the Middle East, Africa and modern Europe.


    Beside the pyramids and temples , Egypt is known among tourists as a diving paradise. The Red Sea offers divers and snorkelers beautiful underwater scenes, colorful coral and many different species of fish.


    Through the years and the increasing tourism, the number of resorts on the Red Sea increased dramatically. Think of El Gouna, Marsa Alam, Safaga, El Quseir and one of the first resorts Hurghada. Hurghada was at the beginning of the 19th century an unknown fishing village on the Red Sea. In the 60's of the 20th century the first divers went to this place and discovered the underwater paradise. After 50 years, Hurghada has become a major resort and excellent diving center. Hurghada consists of two parts. Dahar (downtown) is the old town with still a bustling fishing village where life has not yet adapted to the hectic modern times. This life can be found in the 2nd part, called Sakkala. It is a long stretch of ultimate luxury to cheap hotels and bazaars, bars and restaurants where you can enjoy the typical Egyptian cuisine and local specialties such as Foul, and Falafel Tahamia or Kosheri . On the sea side you will find the modern marina.


    For several years, there is a 3rd part formed which is called Village Road where one can imagine more to be in Europe than in ancient Egypt. Here you will find a pedestrian promenade with shops, cafes, bars, restaurants. Food chains such as McDonalds, Pizza Hut, KFC, Hard Rock Cafe and Little Buddha are located here




    Different populations are living in Egypt. The Muslim population is the most represented with 85%, then the Christians with 13% and in the desert various nomadic people live . Friday is the day of rest for the Muslim. Then all public institutions and banks are closed. Egyptians are generally very welcoming. Visitors are regularly invited home for tea.



    Temperatures may be high in the months of April to September, 33 ° to 39 ° and in winter from 20 ° to 25 °, each with a very low humidity.


    SHOPPING / Money matters

    The official money is the Egyptian Pound. This is abbreviated with "LE". 1 LE is then 100 piasters. The price varies between 7 to 8 pounds per euro. In many places they accept the euro but to a much less advantageous price. Bargaining is very common in Egypt. The asking prices that are used, are by no means, after haggling, the price paid by you . Bargaining is a sport in Egypt. In Egypt for everything everyone expects a tip. The Bakshis is clearly a part of their culture. At restaurant visit is common to 10% tip.



    You have plenty of taxis and buses in Hurghada. Often they try to attract your attention by honking . It is advisable to haggle the price of a taxi (certainly 25% or more) or you agree directly a fixed price. For buses a 1à2 pound rate is average for tourist . Make a note of the number of the bus or taxi and report to the police mistreatment or at extremely high prices.



    Climate change may also be a cause for the disruption of your intestines. The Curse of the Pharaoh has no mercy, try Imodium or Lomotil. These are available in local pharmacy where they usually speak English. Please continue to drink plenty of water to avoid dry out phenomena. DO NOT drink cold liquids . It is very tempting but you can feel very sick afterwards. Locals consume hot drinks for their thirst. They already know from experience that many cold drinks occur abdominal disruption in hot temperatures. Tap water is NOT drinkable in Egypt.



    Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months after your stay in Egypt , for both leisure and business travelers. As of June 26, 2012 the recording of your child in your passport is no longer possible. All children must have their own passport. The validity of all children written in the passports and the stickers will expire on that date.



    All excursions, snorkeling, diving, horse and camels, quads, Luxor, Cairo, balloon flights can be booked with local agents