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    Reservation should be done through oasisspecialservices There can only be a cancellation if you have a travel insurance .


    The tenant should respect the rules regarding the rented property. The only people allowed to stay in the rental property are the one who are listed in the contract and the property should NOT be let to third parties. The tenants undertake to preserve both the building, the furniture and effects. The rental property should be left in good condition, neat and tidy at the moment of leaving the property .Final cleaning is available at € 25 and to be reserved at the time of the booking. The rental compagny has the right to control the property after agreement of the tenant. A deposit of € 150 is required. For longer stay than 2 weeks the deposit is € 250 Finances : (remaining rent money or / and deposit) will be cash settled on the spot. Description of the property and his facilities will be made up and signed by both parties at the time of move in and leave the rental property. If it appears that the guarantee does not cover the damages incurred, the additional costs should be paid by mutual agreement. If any discussion the official courts of Hurghada will be contacted The deposit can not be used to pay the rent. Water and electricity are included in the rent. CAUTION! Tap water is not drinkable in Egypt. When renting (or visit) the capacity of the rented premises may not be exceeded. Standard European swim ware is required on / in the pool. If any questions or complaints , please contact oasis special services (


    Tenants are required to sign in and to sign out at the gate responsible. After this you will be allocated to the apartment and given explanations and tour.


    It is not allowed to place objects of any kind on different parts than specifically for this purpose. When leaving the pool all goods such as towels, toys, airbeds and magazines should be taken to the apartment, and the place left clean and tidy. Picking and cutting of flowers and plants is prohibited as well as digging in the garden. Small dry waste (plastic, cans, paper, cigarette butts, etc.) should be deposited in the appropriate terracotta pots / ashtrays . It is STRICTLY PROHIBITED to throw food residue or anything that can rot (For pests of rats, flies, mosquitoes, etc.) in these pots as they are not meant for the garbage out of your apartment.


    The posting of blankets and sheets as well as hanging laundry is forbidden to keep the entrance and back doors of the buildings at all times free, Furthermore every owner and / or user has to ensure order , care and cleanliness


    Consider your fellow guests The use of radio, TV, music or other sound transmitting apparatus is allowed when other guests have no inconvenience. You should bear in mind that it should be quiet at the Resort between 23.00 hrs and 8.00 hrs It is a TENANT not allowed to hold or temporarily take dogs and / or cats in the park .


    Storing garbage and other possible odor and foul-smelling things is not permitted on the terraces, roof terrace and common areas. Garbage must be deposited in the appropriate container at the exit of the park or in one of the dirt containers placed elsewhere in the district


    The tap water is not potable.


    We have done everything possible to ensure safety for everyone, however, an accident lies in a small corner. Therefore, pay attention to yourself and other guests. The use of the swimming pool is at your own risk.


    The administrator is not liable for damage to or by any person or property on the Resort. Willful destruction, we can not tolerate. The damage incurred will be recovered on you. If any of these rules are not respected, Jenny's House has the right to ask the tenant to leave immediately the property with deduction of the deposit. NB. You are in a beautiful country with beautiful people with their own culture and customs. Respect these people as they are, and you have a great holiday. We thank everyone for their cooperation and wish you a pleasant holiday.